My Dad

I love my father as all sons should, I respect him and I think he is a good man. With that said now I have to write a few humorous stories at his expense.  Since he has gotten a hearing aide,  I found out he is a lot like a light bulb after 60 whats its just a waste of energy !

My Father is a caring person, so much so on his wedding day driving back to my grandfather house he spotted a mother skunk and her babies.  Having decided that baby skunks don’t spray, he got out of his car and proceed to try to collect this cute little skunk for his newly wed bride. What a kind generous and yet misinformed gifted.  As My grandfather knows oh so well baby skunks can spray. My father arrive at my grandfather house in his tuxedo smelling of skunk, by the way the skunk got away 🙂

About Maurice MacGarvey

Marketing Manager IraRott Inc.
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