P is for Penguin

Penguins are cool animals, not just because they live at the north and south poles.

Handmade crochet penguin hat with ear muffs for teens and for adults. Great for any penguins fan, hockey team or the animal.
Interesting facts about penguins and me

* Penguins don’t fly, they swim. (just like me )
* Penguins lay eggs. ( I cook eggs)
* They are warm blooded like humans. ( I know a few humans that i think might be cold blooded )
* When mothers lose a chick, they steal another mother’s chick. (Stop Thief ! )
* They are mostly found below the equator. ( I want to go to the equator, I like the heat )
* Penguin chicks have fluffy feathers. ( I had an friend Like that, no feather but he had fur )
* Penguins have short legs and no knees. ( maybe they don’t have knees due to gambling debts )
* They have good arrangement of bones in hand. This makes them flexible. ( and apparently good at stealing )
* Their knees and upper legs are covered with feathers. ( again remind me of a friend from high school, Man was that Guy hairy)
* They are often black and white in color. ( Remind me of Micheal Jackson )

Handmade crocheted baby penguin hat, diaper cover and slippers set.

* When the salt storage completely fills the gland, penguins go to a rock and knock his beak. allowing him to empty the salt. ( like drunks in bars )
* Male penguins take care of their chicks. ( I try to take care of my chick, but when I call her that she bangs her beak on me , hmm )
* In cold places, males balance eggs on their feet and cover with belly flap to keep them warm. ( I knew penguins liked Soccer )
* They bite fiercely to defend themselves and their nests. ( Kind of like a cat I had when I was a kid )
* Penguins use sign language to communicate with each other. ( i thought I saw a penguin give the finger to a whale on discovery channel )
* They make use of their flippers and head to talk to other penguins. ( In england I saw a lady doing that to communicate with another driver )
* They feed on fish, cephalopods and krill. ( Again reminds me of when I was in England if Penguins only ate chips too)
* Penguins swallow their food as a whole. ( If I had to eat the same food every day, I might learn to do that too )
* Giant petrels and leopard seals are enemies of penguins. ( Pittsburgh Penguins rivals would be Philadelphia Flyers, I love hockey )

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  1. Hi
    Penguins Ar freeze animals, not a moment ago because they before a live audience at the north and south poles.

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