New items

Here are a few new items added over the past few days

brim cap PDf pattern

From PDF pattern to spring and easter Hats

handmade crocheted easter baby chick hat

Handmade Sock Monkeys

handmade crocheted sock Monkey

And we can forget the easter bunny

Handmade crocheted easter bunny hat with diaper cover

Handmade Crocheted Fashion for Adults, kids and Babies - $26
Handmade Crocheted Fashion for Adults, kids and Babies – $26

We got unique fun animal hats, One of a kind hats for boys, girls, men, women. hats for adults, teens, kids and babies. Please check out our gallery for a complete image library of my …

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Marketing Manager IraRott Inc.
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4 Responses to New items

  1. Alfani says:

    It’s very exiting to find this site. I’m so delighted by your way of thinking and writing. Have you thought about writing a book?

  2. Tasha says:


    I am considering purchasing the Easter Bunny hat/diaper cover pattern but I have yet to learn how to actaully read a pattern. Would you consider it “beginner”? I have made plenty of hats and diaper covers but my question with this is – how do you get the ears to be stiff so they stand up?

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